Web Design

A website is one of the most important tools you can use to emulate your company or brands image, capture new potential customers and to build business relationships. A web site needs to engage and motivate visitors to contact you. We start this process by understanding your business goals and your needs so then can we create a web design together, with a plan, to assist you or your company to achieve those goals.

ArachnidWEB offers a variety of services from logo design to web development packages hand tailored to your needs. We have built hundreds of web sites in a variety of different industries that have helped others like yourself gain a strong online presence that attracts new customers and sales. Our graphic design and web development teams have the skills, experience and creative talents necessary to make web spaces that appeal to your sense of style, class and business. We take all of the ideas you present and bring them together with our experience to create your perfect online presence for you or your business.

The Website Design Process….

Research and Planning

When we work for you the first place we look is at your competition and across your areas market to outline goals and layouts for your project and your requirements. What we come up with during this research stage is the plan for your entire project. You, the customer, are involved with this complete process from conception, and that result becomes the beginning of the design phase.

Colors, Themes, Layouts and Branding

This step in the process, the graphic phase, we create a look and feel that brings your brand and image to your areas market through the internet. During this phase we can determine the most user-friendly layouts to be added along with individual pages of content that begin to bring your web presence to life.

SEO and Publishing

The SEO and launch phase of the final design process adds touches and optimization methods to complete the picture that we paint online. During this phase we also assign the mandatory search engine optimization codes and SEO tools that are necessary to bring you web space to life on the web.

We can’t stop now….

After the launch of your new website, we still closely work together on a variety of maintenance services. These services may include updating new information, adding new products or services, changing credentials and employee information and basic web site maintenance that is crucial to optimize your position in search engines. Ideally, to have your website perform correctly, on a monthly basis we should monitor your web positioning and ranking with the search engines to provide you with the technical information and statistics regarding your website and how its managing online.