Logo Design

In our experience a consumer usually looks at a logo for just a few seconds before they form a firm opinion about the brand without knowing anything else about it. A creative logo design brings a solid visual representation of what your business is, along with the products and services you provide. The concept of the logo is about illustration and using colors along with bringing in text. The ultimate goal for a logo is to bring the potential customers to you, by associating the businesses strong graphic representation as the image of your businesses’ offerings whether it be a service or a product.

But do I really need a logo for now?

The short answer is no. However, a unique business logo gives you the opportunity to include a graphic representation of your business on signs, buildings, packaging, vehicles advertisements, and the internet. A logo is an artfully playful representation of your business. It can enhance a solid brand recognition in your market that will likely allow a customer to remember you, your business, your products or the services that you provide in the future. These factors alone can create repeat customers, new customer referrals and even brand loyalty which can last for generations.

Shown below are just a few examples of logos we have created based off of design ideas some of our customers have had. All it takes to be creative is an idea. If you have a chicken scratch sketch for a mock-up, that’s a strong enough foundation for us to build on.