Social Media Marketing

As of late, social media marketing is a must-have marketing strategy of today. Social media marketing is a combination of advertising and public relations, along with it allows customer interaction at the same time. When a business begins using social media marketing as a tool, you should understand and define your business goals and the presence of your image.

Unlike other Internet marketing efforts and website advertising, social media marketing is an investment in your short-term online visibility and presence. Think of it like an Interstate highway billboard while driving, you weren’t necessarily looking for it at the moment you saw it, however it was in your mind and on your list of things to do or have done. If that ad offers a stronger monetary value to someone who was already in the market for what you’re selling, their attention is usually yours for that quick moment. We provide social media marketing packages of different sizes and costs. We can manage these campaigns fully all while consulting with you or your team. These packages are designed to improve your brand’s exposure on the web through a slightly more informal setting yet highly effective manner.

When we manage social media profiles for customers, the customer is never not in the driving seat by any means. In order to perform management duties, managers only need management access.

Yes, we will need to be an editor of the profile, however it’s not necessary for us to be an Administrator. Admin assign the page roles for users; Editors can only edit the page. Editors cannot remove or ad Admin, while Admin can add and remove all other page rolls. Capeesh???

Below are a few creative samples of ads that have been used for customers social media pages.